Enrichment Activities


As part of our work with the pupils to prepare them for life in the future, Miss Owen organises a cooking and baking club. Our pupils have to work in small groups, firstly to decide on a menu, then to budget for the meal, go shopping for the ingredients and finally cook and prepare the meal.

A wide range of different life skills are developed within this activity, and it has become a very popular club, and all the pupils have enjoyed taking part. Equally popular is the unit baking activity. Miss Owen has helped the pupils to prepare some fantastic treats.


Trial biking is a popular activity with the older students and they get the opportunity to learn all about the maintenance of the trials bikes, as well as learning how to ride them.


Students have the opportunity to go out and about with staff to explore our local area. We visit places such as the beach, local forests, play areas and museums.

Students are encouraged to play in a variety of different environments such as fields, woodlands and shallow water – all under staff supervision of course!

During these activities, we take time to look at our surroundings and the nature around us. We learn about the areas we visit and what wildlife lives there.

“The head of school is highly ambitious and determined for all pupils to be the best that they can be.”